The Specialist 1994

A woman entices a bomb expert she's involved with into destroying the mafia that killed her family.

All Titles
  • AR: El especialista El especialista
  • AT: Der Spezialist Der Spezialist
  • BR: O Especialista O Especialista
  • BG: Специалистът Специалистът
  • CA: Le spécialiste Le spécialiste
  • CA: The Specialist The Specialist
  • HR: Specijalist Specijalist
  • CZ: Specialista Specialista
  • DK: The Specialist The Specialist
  • EE: Spetsialist Spetsialist
  • FI: Spesialisti Spesialisti
  • FR: L'expert L'expert
  • GR: Οι σπεσιαλίστες Οι σπεσιαλίστες
  • HU: A specialista A specialista
  • IT: Lo specialista Lo specialista
  • LT: Specialistas Specialistas
  • MX: El especialista El especialista
  • NO: Spesialisten Spesialisten
  • PE: El especialista El especialista
  • PL: Specjalista Specjalista
  • PT: O Especialista O Especialista
  • RO: Specialistul Specialistul
  • RU: Специалист Специалист
  • RS: Specijalista Specijalista
  • SK: Specialista Specialista
  • ES: L'especialista L'especialista
  • ES: El especialista El especialista
  • SE: Specialisten Specialisten
  • TR: Uzman Uzman
  • UA: Спецiалiст Спецiалiст
Directed by Luis Llosa
Artists Sylvester Stallone
as Ray Quick
Sharon Stone
as May Munro
James Woods
as Ned Trent
Release date 07 Oct 1994
Genre Action Crime Drama Thriller
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