The Sopranos 1999

New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano deals with personal and professional issues in his home and business life that affect his mental state, leading him to seek professional psychiatric counseling.

All Titles
  • Made in Jersey
  • Family Guy
  • AR: Los Soprano Los Soprano
  • BR: Família Soprano Família Soprano
  • BG: Семейство Сопрано Семейство Сопрано
  • HR: Obitelj Soprano Obitelj Soprano
  • CZ: Rodina Sopránů Rodina Sopránů
  • DK: Sopranos Sopranos
  • EE: Sopranod Sopranod
  • FI: Sopranos Sopranos
  • FR: Les Soprano Les Soprano
  • GE: Sopranos klani Sopranos klani
  • DE: Die Sopranos Die Sopranos
  • GR: Sopranos Sopranos
  • GR: Σοπράνος Σοπράνος
  • HU: Maffiózók Maffiózók
  • IT: I Soprano I Soprano
  • LT: Sopranai Sopranai
  • PL: Rodzina Soprano Rodzina Soprano
  • PT: Os Sopranos Os Sopranos
  • MK: Сопранови Сопранови
  • RO: Clanul Soprano Clanul Soprano
  • RU: Клан Сопрано Клан Сопрано
  • RS: Porodica Soprano Porodica Soprano
  • SK: Sopranovci Sopranovci
  • SI: Sopranovi Sopranovi
  • ES: Los Soprano Los Soprano
  • TR: Soprano Ailesi Soprano Ailesi
  • UA: Клан Сопрано Клан Сопрано
  • VN: Gia Dinh Sopranos Gia Dinh Sopranos
Artists Lauren Bacall
as 1 episode, 2006
Steve Buscemi
as Tony Blundetto / 14 episodes, 2004-2006
Janeane Garofalo
as 1 episode, 2000
Release date 10 Jan 1999
Genre Crime Drama
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