The Song of Songs 1933

Lily falls in love with the sculptor who leaves her out of fear of commitment.

All Titles
  • Pisen pisni
  • Das Lied der Lieder
  • Deep Night
  • Das hohe Lied
  • AT: Das Hohe Lied Das Hohe Lied
  • BR: O Cântico dos Cânticos O Cântico dos Cânticos
  • DK: Højsangen Højsangen
  • FI: Korkea veisu Korkea veisu
  • FR: Cantique d'amour Cantique d'amour
  • FR: Le cantique des cantiques Le cantique des cantiques
  • DE: Das hohe Lied Das hohe Lied
  • GR: Asma asmaton Asma asmaton
  • HU: Éneke éneke Éneke éneke
  • IT: Il cantico dei cantici Il cantico dei cantici
  • JP: Koi no gaika Koi no gaika
  • NL: Song of songs Song of songs
  • NO: Høisangen Høisangen
  • PL: Piesn nad piesniami Piesn nad piesniami
  • PT: Cântico dos Cânticos Cântico dos Cânticos
  • ES: El cantar de los cantares El cantar de los cantares
  • SE: Höga visan Höga visan
Directed by Rouben Mamoulian show all movies of Rouben Mamoulian
Artists Marlene Dietrich
as Lily Czepanek
Brian Aherne
as Richard Waldow
Hardie Albright
as Walter Von Prell
Release date 19 Jul 1933
Genre Drama Romance
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