The Soloist 2008

A newspaper journalist discovers a homeless musical genius and tries to improve his situation.

All Titles
  • Imagining Beethoven
  • UA: The Soloist The Soloist
  • AR: El solista El solista
  • BR: O Solista O Solista
  • BG: Солистът Солистът
  • DK: Solisten Solisten
  • EE: Solist Solist
  • FR: Le soliste Le soliste
  • DE: Der Solist Der Solist
  • GR: O virtouozos O virtouozos
  • HU: A szólista A szólista
  • IR: Taknavaz Taknavaz
  • IT: Il solista Il solista
  • LT: Solistas Solistas
  • MX: El solista El solista
  • NO: Solisten Solisten
  • PE: El solista El solista
  • PL: Solista Solista
  • PT: O Solista O Solista
  • RO: Solistul Solistul
  • RU: Солист Солист
  • RS: Solista Solista
  • SI: Solist Solist
  • ES: El solista El solista
  • SE: Solisten Solisten
  • TR: Virtüoz Virtüoz
  • UY: El solista El solista
  • VE: El solista El solista
Directed by Joe Wright
Artists Robert Downey Jr.
as Steve Lopez
Catherine Keener
as Mary Weston
Angela Featherstone
as Commuter #1
Release date 24 Apr 2009
Genre Biography Drama Music
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