The Shooter 1995

A CIA agent gets caught up in political intrigue after he gets brought in to solve the murder of a Cuban ambassador.

All Titles
  • Hidden Assassin
  • Hidden Assassin
  • CZ: The Shooter The Shooter
  • AU: Hidden Assassin Hidden Assassin
  • BR: The Shooter: O Desafio Final The Shooter: O Desafio Final
  • BG: Стрелецът Стрелецът
  • CA: Franc-tireur Franc-tireur
  • CZ: Strelec Strelec
  • FI: Sala-ampuja Sala-ampuja
  • FR: The Shooter The Shooter
  • DE: The Shooter - Ein Leben für den Tod The Shooter - Ein Leben für den Tod
  • GR: Praga: Ora miden Praga: Ora miden
  • HU: A bizalom ára A bizalom ára
  • HU: A mesterlövész A mesterlövész
  • IT: Shooter - Attentato a Praga Shooter - Attentato a Praga
  • JP: The Shooter The Shooter
  • NL: The Shooter The Shooter
  • PL: Strzelec wyborowy Strzelec wyborowy
  • PT: Atentado em Praga Atentado em Praga
  • RO: Conspiratie la Praga Conspiratie la Praga
  • RU: Стрелок Стрелок
  • ES: Único sospechoso Único sospechoso
  • ES: Desafío final Desafío final
  • SE: The Shooter The Shooter
  • UA: The Shooter The Shooter
Directed by Ted Kotcheff
Artists Dolph Lundgren
as Michael Dane
Jana Altmanová
as Screaming Woman (as Jana Altmanova)
Simón Andreu
as Alberto Torena (as Simon Andreu)
Release date 15 Dec 1995
Genre Action Drama Crime
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