The Rock 1996

A mild-mannered chemist and an ex-con must lead the counterstrike when a rogue group of military men, led by a renegade general, threaten a nerve gas attack from Alcatraz against San Francisco.

All Titles
  • AR: La roca La roca
  • AT: The Rock - Fels der Entscheidung The Rock - Fels der Entscheidung
  • BR: A Rocha A Rocha
  • BG: Скалата Скалата
  • CA: Le rocher Le rocher
  • CA: The Rock The Rock
  • HR: Hrid Hrid
  • CZ: Skála Skála
  • DK: The Rock The Rock
  • EE: Kaljukindlus Kaljukindlus
  • FI: The Rock - paluu helvettiin The Rock - paluu helvettiin
  • FI: The Rock - Paluu helvettiin The Rock - Paluu helvettiin
  • FI: The Rock The Rock
  • FR: Rock Rock
  • DE: The Rock - Entscheidung auf Alcatraz The Rock - Entscheidung auf Alcatraz
  • DE: The Rock - Fels der Entscheidung The Rock - Fels der Entscheidung
  • GR: O vrahos O vrahos
  • GR: Ο βράχος Ο βράχος
  • HU: A szikla A szikla
  • IR: Sakhre Sakhre
  • LT: Uola Uola
  • MX: La Roca La Roca
  • NO: The Rock The Rock
  • PE: La Roca La Roca
  • PL: Twierdza Twierdza
  • PT: O Rochedo O Rochedo
  • RO: Fortareata Fortareata
  • RU: Скала Скала
  • RS: Stena Stena
  • SK: Skala Skala
  • SI: Alcatraz Alcatraz
  • ES: La Roca La Roca
  • TR: Kaya Kaya
  • UA: Скеля Скеля
  • UY: La Roca La Roca
Directed by Michael Bay
Artists Nicolas Cage
as Stanley Goodspeed
Sean Connery
as John Patrick Mason
Michael Biehn
as Commander Anderson
Release date 07 Jun 1996
Genre Action Adventure Thriller
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