The Reaping 2007

A former Christian missionary, who specializes in debunking religious phenomena, investigates a small town which seems to be suffering from the 10 biblical plagues.

All Titles
  • AR: Prueba de fe Prueba de fe
  • BR: A Colheita do Mal A Colheita do Mal
  • BG: Черна жътва Черна жътва
  • CA: La moisson La moisson
  • CO: Prueba de fe Prueba de fe
  • HR: Žetva Žetva
  • CZ: Krvavá sklizen Krvavá sklizen
  • EE: Lõikus Lõikus
  • FI: Kuoleman sadonkorjuu Kuoleman sadonkorjuu
  • FR: Les châtiments Les châtiments
  • DE: The Reaping - Die Boten der Apokalypse The Reaping - Die Boten der Apokalypse
  • GR: Oi deka pliges Oi deka pliges
  • GR: Οι Δέκα Πληγές Οι Δέκα Πληγές
  • HU: A tíz csapás A tíz csapás
  • IT: I segni del male I segni del male
  • JP: Reaping Reaping
  • JP: Rîpingu Rîpingu
  • LT: 10 Biblijos prakeiksmu 10 Biblijos prakeiksmu
  • MX: Prueba de fe Prueba de fe
  • NO: The Reaping - Dødens budbringer The Reaping - Dødens budbringer
  • PE: Prueba de fe Prueba de fe
  • PL: Plaga Plaga
  • PT: As Pragas As Pragas
  • RO: Moartea Moartea
  • RU: Жатва Жатва
  • RS: Žetva Žetva
  • ES: La cosecha La cosecha
  • SE: The Reaping The Reaping
  • TR: Hasat zamani Hasat zamani
  • UA: Жнива Жнива
  • VE: Prueba de fe Prueba de fe
Directed by Stephen Hopkins
Artists Stephen Rea
as Father Costigan
David Jensen
as Jim Wakeman
Hilary Swank
as Katherine
Release date 05 Apr 2007
Genre Horror Thriller
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