The Quiet Gun 1957

Sheriff Carl Brandon must uphold the law and prevent a lynching when his best friend is accused of murder and immorality by the townsfolk.

All Titles
  • Fury at Rock River
  • Laramie
  • BR: O Revólver Silencioso O Revólver Silencioso
  • CA: The Quiet Gun The Quiet Gun
  • FI: Äänetön pistooli Äänetön pistooli
  • GR: O nomos einai i douleia mou O nomos einai i douleia mou
  • IT: Una pistola tranquilla Una pistola tranquilla
  • RO: Arma silenţioasă Arma silenţioasă
  • SE: Sheriffen slår till Sheriffen slår till
Directed by William F. Claxton show all movies of William F. Claxton
Artists Hank Mann
as Townsman
Release date 05 Jan 1957
Genre Western
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