The Quick and the Dead 1987

A mysterious stranger rides into a homesteading family's life when they are attacked by a ruthless gang.

All Titles
  • Меткий и мёртвый
  • Er kam aus der Sonne
  • BR: No Rastro da Violência No Rastro da Violência
  • BG: Бързият и мъртвите Бързият и мъртвите
  • FI: Nopein ase voittaa Nopein ase voittaa
  • FR: Les Fusils Du Désert Les Fusils Du Désert
  • DE: Pfad der Gewalt Pfad der Gewalt
  • HU: Lőj, vagy meghalsz! Lőj, vagy meghalsz!
  • IT: Il vivo e il morto Il vivo e il morto
  • PL: Dziki i wolny Dziki i wolny
  • ES: Frente a frente con la muerte Frente a frente con la muerte
Directed by Robert Day show all movies of Robert Day
Artists Sam Elliott
as Con Vallian
Kate Capshaw
as Susanna McKaskel
Tom Conti
as Duncan McKaskel
Release date 28 Feb 1987
Genre Western
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