The Princess Academy 1987

Lowbrow humor is the feature in this 'Porky's for girls'. The students of an elite international private school that teaches rich young women how to behave like proper ladies rebel against their strict, snobbish and brutish head teacher.

All Titles
  • YU: The Princess Academy The Princess Academy
  • BR: Academia de Prince$a$ Academia de Prince$a$
  • BR: Academia de Princesas Academia de Princesas
  • FI: Levottomat ladyt Levottomat ladyt
  • FR: L'École des Princesses L'École des Princesses
  • PL: Akademia ksiazeca Akademia ksiazeca
Directed by Bruce A. Block show all movies of Bruce A. Block
Artists Richard Paul
as Drago
Nada Abrus
as Bordello Madame
Release date 05 Apr 1987
Genre Comedy
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