The Practice 1997

We follow the exploits and cases of defense attorneys of a Boston law firm. Bobby Donnell is the senior defense attorney and founder of the firm.

All Titles
  • AR: Los practicantes Los practicantes
  • BR: O Desafio O Desafio
  • CA: La firme de Boston La firme de Boston
  • HR: Pravda za sve Pravda za sve
  • DK: Forsvarerne Forsvarerne
  • FI: Oikeus ja kohtuus Oikeus ja kohtuus
  • FR: The Practice The Practice
  • FR: The practice: Bobby Donnell & associés The practice: Bobby Donnell & associés
  • FR: The practice: Donnell & associés The practice: Donnell & associés
  • DE: Practice - Die Anwälte Practice - Die Anwälte
  • DE: Einspruch! Kanzlei Donnell & Partner Einspruch! Kanzlei Donnell & Partner
  • GR: Synigoros yperaspisis Synigoros yperaspisis
  • HU: Ügyvédek Ügyvédek
  • IT: The Practice - Professione avvocati The Practice - Professione avvocati
  • MX: Los practicantes Los practicantes
  • PL: Kancelaria adwokacka Kancelaria adwokacka
  • PT: Causa Justa Causa Justa
  • RO: Cabinet de avocatura Cabinet de avocatura
  • RU: Практика Практика
  • RS: Advokatura Advokatura
  • ES: El abogado El abogado
  • SE: Advokaterna Advokaterna
Artists Gina Gershon
as 1 episode, 2004
Gabrielle Anwar
as 1 episode, 2001
Rosanna Arquette
as 1 episode, 2003
Release date 04 Mar 1997
Genre Crime Drama Mystery Romance Thriller
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