The Patriot 2000

Peaceful farmer Benjamin Martin is driven to lead the Colonial Militia during the American Revolution when a sadistic British officer murders his son.

All Titles
  • AR: El patriota El patriota
  • AT: Der Patriot Der Patriot
  • BR: O Patriota O Patriota
  • BG: Патриотът Патриотът
  • CA: Le patriote Le patriote
  • CA: The Patriot The Patriot
  • HR: Patriot Patriot
  • DK: Patrioten Patrioten
  • DK: The Patriot The Patriot
  • FI: The Patriot The Patriot
  • FR: The patriot: Le chemin de la liberté The patriot: Le chemin de la liberté
  • DE: Der Patriot Der Patriot
  • GR: O patriotis O patriotis
  • GR: Ο πατριώτης Ο πατριώτης
  • HU: A hazafi A hazafi
  • IT: Il patriota Il patriota
  • LT: Patriotas Patriotas
  • MX: El patriota El patriota
  • NO: Patrioten Patrioten
  • PE: El patriota El patriota
  • PL: Patriota Patriota
  • PT: O Patriota O Patriota
  • RO: Patriotul Patriotul
  • RU: Патриот Патриот
  • RS: Patriota Patriota
  • SI: Patriot Patriot
  • ES: El patriota El patriota
  • ES: El patriota El patriota
  • SE: Patrioten Patrioten
  • TR: Vatansever Vatansever
  • UA: Патрiот Патрiот
  • UY: El patriota El patriota
  • VE: El patriota El patriota
Directed by Roland Emmerich
Artists Mel Gibson
as Benjamin Martin
Adam Baldwin
as Capt. Wilkins
Joely Richardson
as Charlotte Selton
Release date 28 Jun 2000
Genre Action Drama History War
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