The Patriot 1998

A respected doctor must race against time to find a cure for a lethal virus, unleashed by a paramilitary militia leader.

All Titles
  • AR: The patriot: Estado de guerra The patriot: Estado de guerra
  • BR: Guerra Biológica Guerra Biológica
  • BG: Патриотът Патриотът
  • CA: Le patriote Le patriote
  • CA: The Patriot The Patriot
  • CL: Alerta biológica Alerta biológica
  • FI: Patriootti Patriootti
  • FR: Piège à haut risque Piège à haut risque
  • FR: Justice finale Justice finale
  • DE: The Patriot The Patriot
  • GR: Patriot Patriot
  • HU: A patrióta A patrióta
  • IT: The Patriot The Patriot
  • PL: Patriota Patriota
  • PT: Patriota Patriota
  • RO: Patriotul Patriotul
  • RO: Teroare nevazuta Teroare nevazuta
  • RU: Патриот Патриот
  • RS: Patriota Patriota
  • ES: El último patriota El último patriota
  • SE: Patrioten Patrioten
  • SE: The Patriot The Patriot
Directed by Dean Semler show all movies of Dean Semler
Artists Steven Seagal
as Dr. Wesley McClaren
Camilla Belle
as Holly McClaren
Damon Collazo
as Lt. Johnson
Release date 10 Jul 1998
Genre Action Thriller
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