The Other Guys 2010

Action Comedy Crime

Two mismatched New York City detectives seize an opportunity to step up like the city's top cops, whom they idolize, only things don't quite go as planned.

All Titles
  • The B Team
  • The Back Ups
  • AR: Policías de repuesto Policías de repuesto
  • AT: Die etwas anderen Cops Die etwas anderen Cops
  • BR: Os Outros Caras Os Outros Caras
  • BG: Ченгета в Резерв Ченгета в Резерв
  • CA: Les renforts Les renforts
  • HR: Murjaci s klupe Murjaci s klupe
  • CZ: Benga v záloze Benga v záloze
  • EE: Varuvõmmid Varuvõmmid
  • FI: Katastrofikytät Katastrofikytät
  • FR: Very Bad Cops Very Bad Cops
  • DE: Die etwas anderen Cops Die etwas anderen Cops
  • GR: Batsoi apo ton pango Batsoi apo ton pango
  • GR: Μπάτσοι από τον πάγκο Μπάτσοι από τον πάγκο
  • HU: Pancser police Pancser police
  • IL: Ha'hevre ha'aherim Ha'hevre ha'aherim
  • IT: I poliziotti di riserva I poliziotti di riserva
  • LV: Rezerves Policisti Rezerves Policisti
  • LT: Rezerviniai farai Rezerviniai farai
  • NO: Reservesnut Reservesnut
  • PE: Policías de repuesto Policías de repuesto
  • PL: Policja zastepcza Policja zastepcza
  • PT: Agentes de Reserva Agentes de Reserva
  • RO: Agentii de rezerva Agentii de rezerva
  • RU: Копы в глубоком запасе Копы в глубоком запасе
  • RS: Rezervni igrači Rezervni igrači
  • SI: Rezervna policista Rezervna policista
  • ES: Los otros dos Los otros dos
  • TR: Yedek polisler Yedek polisler
  • UA: Копи на пiдхватi Копи на пiдхватi
Director Adam McKay
Artists Anne Heche
as Pamela Boardman
Samuel L. Jackson
as P.K. Highsmith
Brooke Shields
as Brooke Shields
Released 06 Aug 2010
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