The Onion Movie 2008

Satirical interpretations of world events and curious human behavior.

All Titles
  • Untitled Onion Sketch Comedy Project
  • Onion Movie
  • The Untitled Onion Movie
  • AR: Una película diferente Una película diferente
  • BR: Loucos pela Notícia Loucos pela Notícia
  • BG: Лучен филм Лучен филм
  • HR: TV Onion TV Onion
  • CZ: Zprávy TV Onion Zprávy TV Onion
  • FR: News Movie News Movie
  • DE: News Movie News Movie
  • GR: News Movie News Movie
  • HU: Hantahíradó Hantahíradó
  • IT: News Movie News Movie
  • JP: Teppan nyûsu densetsu Teppan nyûsu densetsu
  • NL: News Movie News Movie
  • PL: Wiadomosci bez cenzury Wiadomosci bez cenzury
  • RO: Sa-nceapa Stirile! Sa-nceapa Stirile!
  • RU: Луковые новости Луковые новости
  • SK: Vtákomlátic Vtákomlátic
  • SE: News Movie News Movie
  • UA: News Movie News Movie
Directed by Mike Maguire Tom Kuntz
Artists Steven Seagal
as Cock Puncher
Meredith Baxter
as Cooking Show Chef
Rodney Dangerfield
as Himself
Release date 07 Jan 2008
Genre Comedy
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