The Oklahoma Kid 1939

During the Oklahoma Land Rush, the lawlessness is exacerbated by the McCord gang's feud with the Kincaids, who are trying to bring law and justice to the region.

All Titles
  • Парень из Оклахомы
  • Oklahoma Kid
  • Oklahoma Kid
  • BE: Terreur à l'ouest Terreur à l'ouest
  • BE: Oproer in het westen Oproer in het westen
  • BE: De schrik van het Westen De schrik van het Westen
  • BR: A Lei do Mais Forte A Lei do Mais Forte
  • CA: The Oklahoma Kid The Oklahoma Kid
  • DK: Hævneren fra Oklahoma Hævneren fra Oklahoma
  • FI: Oklahoma Kid Oklahoma Kid
  • FI: Oklahoman sankari Oklahoman sankari
  • FR: Terreur à l'ouest Terreur à l'ouest
  • GR: O tromokratis O tromokratis
  • HU: Az oklahomai kölyök Az oklahomai kölyök
  • IT: Il terrore dell'Ovest Il terrore dell'Ovest
  • NL: De laatste vrijbuiter De laatste vrijbuiter
  • NL: De verloren zoon De verloren zoon
  • PL: Oklahoma Kid Oklahoma Kid
  • PT: A Lei da Força A Lei da Força
  • RO: Oklahoma Kid Oklahoma Kid
  • ES: El chico de Oklahoma El chico de Oklahoma
  • SE: Oklahoma Kid Oklahoma Kid
  • VE: El terror del Oeste El terror del Oeste
Directed by Lloyd Bacon
Artists Humphrey Bogart
as Whip McCord
James Cagney
as Jim Kincaid
Ward Bond
as Wes Handley
Release date 11 Mar 1939
Genre Action Adventure History Western
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The Oklahoma Kid 1939