The Neighbors 2012

A New Jersey family moves to an affluent gated community composed entirely of extraterrestrials.

All Titles
  • EE: Naabrid Naabrid
  • HU: Szomszédok az ürböl Szomszédok az ürböl
  • IT: Vicini del terzo tipo Vicini del terzo tipo
  • PT: Alienados Alienados
  • RU: Соседи Соседи
  • ES: ¡Vaya vecinos! ¡Vaya vecinos!
Artists Mark Hamill
as 1 episode, 2013
Judd Nelson
as 1 episode, 2013
Meredith Baxter
as 2 episodes, 2013
Release date 26 Sep 2012
Genre Comedy Family Romance Sci-Fi
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