The Nanny 1993

After being fired from her job and dumped by her boyfriend, a cosmetics saleswoman becomes the nanny to the three children of a rich English widower. As time passes, the two fall for each other.

All Titles
  • AR: La niñera La niñera
  • AT: Die Nanny Die Nanny
  • BE: Une nounou d'enfer Une nounou d'enfer
  • BR: The Nanny The Nanny
  • BG: Гувернантката Гувернантката
  • CR: La Niñera La Niñera
  • HR: Dadilja Dadilja
  • CZ: Chuva k pohledání Chuva k pohledání
  • DK: Alle tiders barnepige Alle tiders barnepige
  • EE: Nanny Nanny
  • FI: Nanny Nanny
  • FR: Une nounou d'enfer Une nounou d'enfer
  • DE: Die Nanny Die Nanny
  • GR: Dada amesou draseos Dada amesou draseos
  • GR: I dada I dada
  • GR: Νταντά αμέσου δράσεως Νταντά αμέσου δράσεως
  • HU: A dadus A dadus
  • IL: Nanny Nanny
  • IT: La tata La tata
  • LT: Aukle Aukle
  • MX: La niñera La niñera
  • NO: Nanny Nanny
  • PL: Pomoc domowa Pomoc domowa
  • PT: Competente e Descarada Competente e Descarada
  • RO: Dadaca Dadaca
  • RU: Няня Няня
  • RS: Dadilja Dadilja
  • ES: La niñera La niñera
  • ES: La tata La tata
  • ES: A nanny A nanny
  • SE: Mitt liv som mamma Mitt liv som mamma
  • SE: Nanny Nanny
  • CH: Die Nanny Die Nanny
  • CH: La Tata La Tata
  • TR: The Nanny The Nanny
  • UY: La niñera La niñera
  • VE: La niñera La niñera
Artists Dan Aykroyd
as 1 episode, 1994
Whoopi Goldberg
as Edna / 2 episodes, 1998
Scott Baio
as 1 episode, 1998
Release date 03 Nov 1993
Genre Comedy Family Romance
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