The Mule 2018

A 90-year-old horticulturist and Korean War veteran turns drug mule for a Mexican cartel.

All Titles
  • Luo zi
  • AR: La mula La mula
  • AU: The Mule The Mule
  • AT: The Mule The Mule
  • BR: A Mula A Mula
  • BG: Трафикантът Трафикантът
  • CA: La mule La mule
  • CA: The Mule The Mule
  • CL: La mula La mula
  • CN: Luo zi Luo zi
  • CO: La mula La mula
  • HR: Mula Mula
  • CZ: Pašerák Pašerák
  • EE: Muul Muul
  • FR: La mule La mule
  • DE: The Mule The Mule
  • GR: Το βαποράκι Το βαποράκι
  • HK: Luo zi Luo zi
  • HU: A csempész A csempész
  • IO: The Mule The Mule
  • IE: The Mule The Mule
  • IL: Ha'Perred Ha'Perred
  • IT: Il corriere - The Mule Il corriere - The Mule
  • JP: Hakobiya Hakobiya
  • JP: 運び屋 運び屋
  • LV: Narkokurjers Narkokurjers
  • LT: Narkokurjeris Narkokurjeris
  • LT: Mulai Mulai
  • MY: Luo zi Luo zi
  • MX: La mula La mula
  • NZ: The Mule The Mule
  • PE: La mula La mula
  • PL: Przemytnik Przemytnik
  • PT: Correio de Droga Correio de Droga
  • RO: Curierul traficantilor Curierul traficantilor
  • RU: Наркокурьер Наркокурьер
  • RS: Mula Mula
  • SG: Luo zi Luo zi
  • SI: Tihotapec Tihotapec
  • ES: Mula Mula
  • TW: Luo zi Luo zi
  • TR: Kaçakçı Kaçakçı
  • UA: Наркокур'єр Наркокур'єр
  • UA: The Mule The Mule
  • UY: La mula La mula
Directed by Clint Eastwood
Artists Clint Eastwood
as Earl Stone
Loren Dean
as Agent Brown
Laurence Fishburne
as Special Agent in Charge
Release date 14 Dec 2018
Genre Crime Drama Thriller
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