The Merry Widow 1925

A prince must woo the now wealthy dancer he once abandoned in order to keep her money in the country in order to keep it from crashing economically.

All Titles
  • Вeселая вдова
  • AT: Die lustige Witwe Die lustige Witwe
  • BR: A Viúva Alegre A Viúva Alegre
  • BG: Веселата вдовица Веселата вдовица
  • DK: Den glade Enke Den glade Enke
  • FI: Iloinen leski Iloinen leski
  • FR: La veuve joyeuse La veuve joyeuse
  • DE: Die lustige Witwe Die lustige Witwe
  • GR: I efthymi hira I efthymi hira
  • HU: A víg özvegy A víg özvegy
  • IT: La vedova allegra La vedova allegra
  • PL: Wesola wdówka Wesola wdówka
  • PT: A Viúva Alegre A Viúva Alegre
  • ES: La viuda alegre La viuda alegre
  • SE: Den glada änkan Den glada änkan
  • YU: Vesela udovica Vesela udovica
Directed by Erich von Stroheim show all movies of Erich von Stroheim
Artists Clark Gable
as Ballroom Dancer
Joan Crawford
as Ballroom Dancer
Helen Howard Beaumont
as Chorus Girl
Release date 25 Jan 1926
Genre Drama Romance
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