The Master of Disguise 2002

An Italian waiter fights off a criminal mastermind with his inherited powers of disguise.

All Titles
  • AT: Meister der Verwandlung Meister der Verwandlung
  • BR: Mestre do Disfarce Mestre do Disfarce
  • BG: Цар на маскировката Цар на маскировката
  • CA: Le maître du déguisement Le maître du déguisement
  • FI: Valepukujen mestari Valepukujen mestari
  • DE: Meister der Verwandlung Meister der Verwandlung
  • GR: O vasilias tis metamfiesis O vasilias tis metamfiesis
  • HU: Az álcázás mestere Az álcázás mestere
  • IT: Il maestro cambiafaccia Il maestro cambiafaccia
  • PL: Mistrz kamuflażu Mistrz kamuflażu
  • PT: O Mestre do Disfarce O Mestre do Disfarce
  • RU: Мастер перевоплощения Мастер перевоплощения
  • ES: El maestro del disfraz El maestro del disfraz
  • SE: Maskernas mästare Maskernas mästare
Directed by Perry Andelin Blake
Artists Bo Derek
as Bo Derek
Brent Spiner
as Devlin Bowman
Paula Abdul
as Choreographer
Release date 02 Aug 2002
Genre Adventure Comedy Family Fantasy
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