The Marc Pease Experience 2009

Former high school musical star, Marc Pease, finds himself still living in the past, eight years after graduating.

All Titles
  • AR: Escuela de música Escuela de música
  • BR: De Volta Para a Escola De Volta Para a Escola
  • BG: Опитът на Марк Пийс Опитът на Марк Пийс
  • GR: I horodia tis apotyhias I horodia tis apotyhias
  • HU: A musicalsztár A musicalsztár
  • IL: Nir'e ot'ha kohav Nir'e ot'ha kohav
  • IT: Un microfono per due Un microfono per due
  • PT: A Vida Desafinada A Vida Desafinada
  • RU: Знакомство с Марком Знакомство с Марком
  • ES: Directo a la fama Directo a la fama
  • TR: Marc Pease'nin Hikâyesi Marc Pease'nin Hikâyesi
Directed by Todd Louiso
Artists Ben Stiller
as Jon Gribble
Jason Schwartzman
as Marc Pease
Cameron Arnett
as Mr. Pleased
Release date 21 May 2010
Genre Comedy Drama Music
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