The Makeover 2013

After losing election for US Congress, the well spoken Hannah coaches a beer vendor for the position as he, contrary to Hannah, has a likable personality. Can they learn from each other?

All Titles
  • BR: O Candidato O Candidato
  • BG: Преобразяване Преобразяване
  • FR: Le candidat de mon coeur Le candidat de mon coeur
  • DE: Ein Kandidat zum Verlieben Ein Kandidat zum Verlieben
  • HU: Modern Pygmalion Modern Pygmalion
  • IT: Un amore di candidato Un amore di candidato
  • PL: Przeobrazenie Przeobrazenie
  • PT: The Makeover - O Candidato The Makeover - O Candidato
  • RO: Transformarea Transformarea
  • RU: Преображение Преображение
  • SI: Preobrazba Preobrazba
  • ES: Un cambio radical Un cambio radical
  • UA: Перевтiлення Перевтiлення
Directed by John Gray show all movies of John Gray
Artists Frances Fisher
as Allie Doolittle
Camryn Manheim
as Colleen
Julia Stiles
as Hannah Higgins
Release date 27 Jan 2013
Genre Comedy
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