The Macomber Affair 1947

Robert Wilson leads safaris on the Kenyan savanna. On this occasion, he takes Mr. and Mrs. Macomber out to hunt buffalo. The obnoxious ways of Margaret Macomber make the three of them get ...

All Titles
  • The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber
  • The Great White Hunter
  • Without Honor
  • Affäre Macomber
  • Großjagd in Afrika
  • Leidenschaft im Dschungel
  • AR: Muerte en el corazon Muerte en el corazon
  • AT: Leidenschaft im Dschungel Leidenschaft im Dschungel
  • BR: Covardia Covardia
  • BG: Случаят Макомбър Случаят Макомбър
  • DK: Safari på liv og død Safari på liv og død
  • FI: Afrikan taivaan alla Afrikan taivaan alla
  • FR: L'affaire Macomber L'affaire Macomber
  • GR: Ypothesis macomber Ypothesis macomber
  • HU: A Macomber-ügy A Macomber-ügy
  • IT: Passione selvaggia Passione selvaggia
  • MX: Sin honor Sin honor
  • PT: A Mulher e a Selva A Mulher e a Selva
  • ES: Pasión en la selva Pasión en la selva
  • SE: Under Afrikas himmel Under Afrikas himmel
  • TR: Kocami Ben Öldürdüm Kocami Ben Öldürdüm
Directed by Zoltan Korda show all movies of Zoltan Korda
Artists Joan Bennett
as Margaret 'Margo' Macomber
Reginald Denny
as Police Inspector
Release date 19 Dec 1950
Genre Adventure
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