The Machinist 2004

Drama Thriller

An industrial worker who hasn't slept in a year begins to doubt his own sanity.

All Titles
  • ES: The Machinist The Machinist
  • AR: El maquinista El maquinista
  • BR: O Operário O Operário
  • BG: Механикът Механикът
  • CA: Le machiniste Le machiniste
  • HR: Nestajanje Nestajanje
  • EE: Masinist Masinist
  • FI: Koneenkäyttäjä Koneenkäyttäjä
  • FR: The Machinist The Machinist
  • DE: The Machinist The Machinist
  • DE: Der Maschinist Der Maschinist
  • GR: Agrypnos Agrypnos
  • GR: O mihanourgos O mihanourgos
  • GR: Άγρυπνος Άγρυπνος
  • HU: A gépész A gépész
  • IT: L'uomo senza sonno L'uomo senza sonno
  • LT: Mašinistas Mašinistas
  • MX: El maquinista El maquinista
  • NO: Maskinisten Maskinisten
  • PL: Mechanik Mechanik
  • PT: O Maquinista O Maquinista
  • RO: Masinistul Masinistul
  • RU: Машинист Машинист
  • RS: Mašinista Mašinista
  • ES: El maquinista El maquinista
  • SE: The Machinist The Machinist
  • TR: Makinist Makinist
  • UA: Машинiст Машинiст
  • UA: The Machinist The Machinist
  • VN: Ga Tho May Ga Tho May
Director Brad Anderson
Artists Christian Bale
as Trevor Reznik
Michael Ironside
as Miller
Jennifer Jason Leigh
as Stevie
Released 03 Dec 2004
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