The Laundromat 2019

A widow investigates an insurance fraud, chasing leads to a pair of Panama City law partners exploiting the world's financial system.

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  • Secrecy World
  • AU: The Laundromat The Laundromat
  • AT: The Laundromat - Die Geldwäscherei The Laundromat - Die Geldwäscherei
  • BA: Vešomat Vešomat
  • BR: A Lavanderia A Lavanderia
  • CA: The Laundromat The Laundromat
  • FR: The Laundromat: L'affaire des Panama Papers The Laundromat: L'affaire des Panama Papers
  • DE: Die Geldwäscherei Die Geldwäscherei
  • GR: Το Ξέπλυμα Το Ξέπλυμα
  • HU: Pénzmosó Pénzmosó
  • IE: The Laundromat The Laundromat
  • IT: Panama Papers Panama Papers
  • JP: ザ・ランドロマット ザ・ランドロマット
  • MX: La lavandería La lavandería
  • PL: Pralnia Pralnia
  • RU: Прачечная Прачечная
  • RS: Perionica Perionica
  • ES: The Laundromat: Dinero sucio The Laundromat: Dinero sucio
  • ES: The Laundromat. Dinero sucio The Laundromat. Dinero sucio
  • UA: The Laundromat The Laundromat
  • : Secrecy World Secrecy World
Directed by Steven Soderbergh
Artists Antonio Banderas
as Ramón Fonseca
Gary Oldman
as Jürgen Mossack
Sharon Stone
as Hannah
Release date 18 Oct 2019
Genre Drama
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