The Knights of Prosperity 2007

A group of blue-collar guys scheme to rob a celebrity in New York City.

All Titles
  • I Want to Rob Jeff Goldblum
  • Untitled Donal Logue Project
  • Let's Rob Mick Jagger
  • CZ: Zastánci blahobytu Zastánci blahobytu
  • FR: Les as du braquage Les as du braquage
  • HU: Raboljuk ki Mick Jaggert! Raboljuk ki Mick Jaggert!
  • HU: A Mick Jagger-projekt A Mick Jagger-projekt
  • RO: Cavalerii prosperitatii Cavalerii prosperitatii
  • RU: Рыцари Процветания Рыцари Процветания
  • ES: Robemos a... Mick Jagger Robemos a... Mick Jagger
Artists Mick Jagger
as 1 episode, 2007
Danny Trejo
as 1 episode, 2007
Natasha Lyonne
as 1 episode, 2007
Release date 03 Jan 2007
Genre Comedy Crime
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