The King of Kings 1927

Jesus Christ faces religious and political oppression during his ministry and in the days before his death and resurrection.

All Titles
  • Král králu
  • Царь царей
  • AT: König der Könige König der Könige
  • BE: Le roi des rois Le roi des rois
  • BR: Rei dos Reis Rei dos Reis
  • HR: Kralj kraljeva Kralj kraljeva
  • DK: Kongernes Konge Kongernes Konge
  • FR: Le roi des rois Le roi des rois
  • DE: König der Könige König der Könige
  • GR: O vasilefs ton vasileon O vasilefs ton vasileon
  • HU: Királyok királya Királyok királya
  • IT: Il re dei re Il re dei re
  • PL: Król królów Król królów
  • PT: O Rei dos Reis O Rei dos Reis
  • RO: Regele regilor Regele regilor
  • RS: Car careva Car careva
  • SI: Kralj kraljev Kralj kraljev
  • ES: El rey de reyes El rey de reyes
  • SE: Konungarnas konung Konungarnas konung
  • YU: Kralj kraljev Kralj kraljev
  • YU: Kralj kraljeva Kralj kraljeva
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille
Artists Rex Ingram
Montagu Love
as Roman Centurion
Richard Alexander
as Roman Soldier
Release date 05 Jun 2004
Genre Biography Drama History
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