The House of Rothschild 1934

The wealthy Rothschild family undergoes prejudice from the anti-Semitic society they live within.

All Titles
  • Дом Ротшильдов
  • Rothschild
  • The Great Rothschilds
  • AT: Die Rothschilds Die Rothschilds
  • BR: A Casa de Rothschild A Casa de Rothschild
  • DK: Huset Rothschild Huset Rothschild
  • FR: La maison des Rothschild La maison des Rothschild
  • DE: Die Rothschilds Die Rothschilds
  • GR: Rothschild Rothschild
  • IS: Bræðurnir Rothschild Bræðurnir Rothschild
  • IT: La casa dei Rothschild La casa dei Rothschild
  • JP: Rosuchairudo Rosuchairudo
  • JP: Rothschild Rothschild
  • NO: Den store Rothschild Den store Rothschild
  • PL: Rodzina Rotszyldów Rodzina Rotszyldów
  • PT: A Casa Rothschild A Casa Rothschild
  • ES: La casa de los Rothschild La casa de los Rothschild
  • SE: Huset Rothschild Huset Rothschild
  • TR: Rotçild Rotçild
Directed by Sidney Lanfield Alfred L. Werker
Artists Boris Karloff
as Count Ledrantz
Robert Young
as Capt. Fitzroy
Oscar Apfel
as Prussian Officer
Release date 07 Apr 1934
Genre Biography Drama History War
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