The Hollywood Revue of 1929 1929

An all-star revue featuring MGM contract players.

All Titles
  • Голливудское ревю
  • M-G-M Revue
  • Revue of Revues
  • M-G-M's Revue of Revues
  • The MGM Revue of Revues
  • AR: La revista de Hollywood 1929 La revista de Hollywood 1929
  • BR: Hollywood Revue Hollywood Revue
  • BG: Холивудското ревю от 1929 Холивудското ревю от 1929
  • DK: Hollywood Revyen Hollywood Revyen
  • FI: Hollywood Revue Hollywood Revue
  • FR: Hollywood chante et danse Hollywood chante et danse
  • GR: Hollywood revue Hollywood revue
  • HU: Hollywood Revue Hollywood Revue
  • HU: Ez Hollywood (Hollywoodi rejtelmek) Ez Hollywood (Hollywoodi rejtelmek)
  • IT: Hollywood che canta Hollywood che canta
  • JP: Hariuddo Reviyû Hariuddo Reviyû
  • PL: Hollywood Revue Hollywood Revue
  • PT: Revista de Hollywood Revista de Hollywood
  • SE: Hollywood Revyn Hollywood Revyn
  • : The Hollywood Revue The Hollywood Revue
Directed by Christy Cabanne Charles Reisner
Artists Buster Keaton
as Buster Keaton / Princess Raja
Lionel Barrymore
as Lionel Barrymore - Director of 'Romeo and Juliet'
Jack Benny
as Jack Benny - Master of Ceremonies
Release date 23 Nov 1929
Genre Musical
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