The Help 2011

An aspiring author during the civil rights movement of the 1960s decides to write a book detailing the African American maids' point of view on the white families for which they work, and the hardships they go through on a daily basis.

All Titles
  • Historias cruzadas
  • AR: Historias cruzadas Historias cruzadas
  • BE: La Couleur des sentiments La Couleur des sentiments
  • BR: Histórias Cruzadas Histórias Cruzadas
  • BG: Южнячки Южнячки
  • CA: La couleur des sentiments La couleur des sentiments
  • CL: Historias cruzadas Historias cruzadas
  • CO: Historias cruzadas Historias cruzadas
  • HR: Tajni život kućnih pomoćnica Tajni život kućnih pomoćnica
  • CZ: Černobílý svět Černobílý svět
  • DK: Niceville Niceville
  • EE: Koduabiline Koduabiline
  • FI: Piiat Piiat
  • FR: La couleur des sentiments La couleur des sentiments
  • GR: Ypiretries Ypiretries
  • GR: Υπηρέτριες Υπηρέτριες
  • HU: A segítség A segítség
  • IS: Barnapían Barnapían
  • IL: Ha'ezra Ha'ezra
  • IT: The Help The Help
  • LV: Kalpone Kalpone
  • LT: Tarnaite Tarnaite
  • MX: Historias cruzadas Historias cruzadas
  • NO: Barnepiken Barnepiken
  • PE: Historias cruzadas Historias cruzadas
  • PL: Służące Służące
  • PT: As Serviçais As Serviçais
  • RO: Culoarea sentimentelor Culoarea sentimentelor
  • RU: Прислуга Прислуга
  • RS: Služavke Služavke
  • SK: Farba citov Farba citov
  • SI: Služkinje Služkinje
  • ES: Criadas y señoras Criadas y señoras
  • SE: Niceville Niceville
  • TR: Duygularin Rengi Duygularin Rengi
  • UA: Прислуга Прислуга
  • VE: Historias cruzadas Historias cruzadas
Directed by Tate Taylor
Artists Sissy Spacek
as Missus Walters
Cicely Tyson
as Constantine Jefferson
Allison Janney
as Charlotte Phelan
Release date 10 Aug 2011
Genre Drama
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