The Great Buck Howard 2008

A young man, much to the chagrin of his father, becomes the new assistant to an illusionist in decline.

All Titles
  • AR: El gran Buck Howard El gran Buck Howard
  • BR: A Mente que Mente A Mente que Mente
  • BG: Великият Бък Хауърд Великият Бък Хауърд
  • EE: Suur Buck Howard Suur Buck Howard
  • FI: Mahtava Buck Howard Mahtava Buck Howard
  • FR: Mister Showman Mister Showman
  • DE: Der große Buck Howard Der große Buck Howard
  • GR: O spoudaios Buck Howard O spoudaios Buck Howard
  • GR: Ο σπουδαίος Μπακ Χάουαρντ Ο σπουδαίος Μπακ Χάουαρντ
  • HU: A tökéletlen trükk A tökéletlen trükk
  • LV: Lieliskais Baks Hovards Lieliskais Baks Hovards
  • LT: Didysis Bakas Hovardas Didysis Bakas Hovardas
  • PT: O Fantástico Buck Howard O Fantástico Buck Howard
  • RO: Marele Buck Howard Marele Buck Howard
  • RU: Bеликий Бак Ховард Bеликий Бак Ховард
  • RS: Čuveni Bak Hauard Čuveni Bak Hauard
  • SI: Veliki Buck Howard Veliki Buck Howard
  • TR: Muhtesem Howard Muhtesem Howard
  • UA: Bеликий Бак Говард Bеликий Бак Говард
Directed by Sean McGinly
Artists Tom Hanks
as Mr. Gable
John Malkovich
as Buck Howard
Tom Arnold
as Tom Arnold
Release date 10 Apr 2009
Genre Comedy Drama
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