The Frozen Ground 2013

An Alaska State Trooper partners with a young woman who escaped the clutches of serial killer Robert Hansen to bring the murderer to justice. Based on actual events.

All Titles
  • Frozen Ground
  • BR: O Assassino do Alaska O Assassino do Alaska
  • BR: Sangue no Gelo Sangue no Gelo
  • BG: Замръзнала земя Замръзнала земя
  • CA: De sang-froid De sang-froid
  • HR: Zamrznuta istina Zamrznuta istina
  • DK: The Frozen Ground The Frozen Ground
  • EE: Külmunud maa Külmunud maa
  • FR: Suspect Suspect
  • DE: Frozen Ground Frozen Ground
  • GR: Ypo to miden Ypo to miden
  • GR: Υπό το Μηδέν Υπό το Μηδέν
  • IL: Adama kfou'a Adama kfou'a
  • IT: Il cacciatore di donne Il cacciatore di donne
  • JP: Furôzun Guraundo Furôzun Guraundo
  • LT: Palikti Aliaskoje Palikti Aliaskoje
  • MX: Bajo cero Bajo cero
  • PE: Cazador de mujeres Cazador de mujeres
  • PL: Polowanie na łowcę Polowanie na łowcę
  • PT: The Frozen Ground: Sangue e Gelo The Frozen Ground: Sangue e Gelo
  • RU: Мерзлая земля Мерзлая земля
  • RS: Smrt u ledu Smrt u ledu
  • RS: Zločin u ledu Zločin u ledu
  • SI: Smrt v ledu Smrt v ledu
  • ES: Caza al asesino Caza al asesino
  • TR: Karanlik Cinayetler Karanlik Cinayetler
  • UA: Мерзла земля Мерзла земля
Directed by Scott Walker
Artists Nicolas Cage
as Sgt. Jack Halcombe
John Cusack
as Robert Hansen
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
as Chelle Ringell
Release date 11 Jul 2013
Genre Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
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