The Flying Fleet 1929

The story follows six midshipman after they graduate from Annapolis. Their goal is to become U.S. Navy pilots and three of them are eliminated at the San Diego Naval Base. The remaining ...

All Titles
  • AT: Die fliegende Flotte Die fliegende Flotte
  • BE: L'escadre volante L'escadre volante
  • BR: Asas Gloriosas Asas Gloriosas
  • BG: Letyashtata flota Letyashtata flota
  • DK: Den flyvende Flaade Den flyvende Flaade
  • FI: Lentäjäsankarit Lentäjäsankarit
  • FR: L'escadre volante L'escadre volante
  • DE: Die fliegende Flotte Die fliegende Flotte
  • IT: La flotta del cielo La flotta del cielo
  • PT: Heróis do Ar Heróis do Ar
  • SE: Flygets hjältar Flygets hjältar
  • TR: Uçan donanma Uçan donanma
Directed by George W. Hill
Artists Ramon Novarro
as Tommy Winslow
Alfred Allen
as Admiral
Wade Boteler
as Shipwrecked Crewman
Release date 19 Jan 1929
Genre Adventure Drama Romance
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