The Firefly 1937

Nina Maria Azara is the beautiful and alluring singing spy for Spain during the Napoleonic Wars. Her mission is to seduce French Officers, in order for them to reveal Napolean's intentions ...

All Titles
  • AT: Tarantella Tarantella
  • BE: L'espionne de Castille L'espionne de Castille
  • BR: O Vagalume O Vagalume
  • HR: Tarantela Tarantela
  • DK: Ildfluen Ildfluen
  • FI: Senorita Senorita
  • FR: L'espionne de Castille L'espionne de Castille
  • DE: Tarantella Tarantella
  • GR: Tarantella Tarantella
  • HU: Tarantella Tarantella
  • IT: La lucciola La lucciola
  • NL: Tarantella Tarantella
  • PL: Hiszpanski motyl Hiszpanski motyl
  • PT: Espia Bailarina Espia Bailarina
  • SI: Tarantela Tarantela
  • ES: La espía de Castilla La espía de Castilla
  • ES: La luciernaga La luciernaga
  • SE: Senorita Senorita
  • YU: Tarantela Tarantela
  • YU: Tarantela Tarantela
Directed by Robert Z. Leonard
Artists Pedro de Cordoba
as Spanish General
Victor Adams
as Jail Guard
Monya Andre
as Civilian Wife
Release date 05 Nov 1937
Genre History Musical Romance
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