The Finder 2011

An Iraq war vet suffers a brain injury that triggers the ability to see connections between seemingly unrelated events, objects or people.

All Titles
  • HR: Nepogrešivi instinkt Nepogrešivi instinkt
  • FI: Löytäjä Löytäjä
  • FR: The Finder The Finder
  • HU: Csont nélkül Csont nélkül
  • IT: Il risolutore Il risolutore
  • RU: Искатель Искатель
  • RS: Nepogrešivi instinkt Nepogrešivi instinkt
  • ES: The Finder The Finder
Artists Jake Busey
as 1 episode, 2012
Annette O'Toole
as 1 episode, 2012
Patrick Robert Smith
as 1 episode, 2012
Release date 05 Jun 2012
Genre Comedy Crime Drama Romance
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