The Eye 2008

A woman receives an eye transplant that allows her to see into the supernatural world.

All Titles
  • AR: El ojo del mal El ojo del mal
  • BA: Oko Oko
  • BR: O Olho do Mal O Olho do Mal
  • BG: Окото Окото
  • CA: L'oeil L'oeil
  • CL: El Ojo del Mal El Ojo del Mal
  • HR: Oko Oko
  • CZ: Oko Oko
  • EE: Silm Silm
  • FR: The Eye The Eye
  • GR: To mati To mati
  • GR: Το Μάτι Το Μάτι
  • HU: A szem A szem
  • IL: Ha'ayin Ha'ayin
  • IT: The Eye The Eye
  • JP: Eyes Eyes
  • LV: Acs Acs
  • MX: El ojo del mal El ojo del mal
  • PL: Oko Oko
  • PT: O Olho O Olho
  • RO: Ochii Ochii
  • RU: Глаз Глаз
  • RS: Oko Oko
  • ES: The Eye (Visiones) The Eye (Visiones)
  • TR: Göz Göz
  • VE: El ojo del mal El ojo del mal
Directed by Xavier Palud David Moreau
Artists Parker Posey
as Helen Wells
Tamlyn Tomita
as Mrs. Cheung
Rachel Ticotin
as Rosa Martinez
Release date 01 Feb 2008
Genre Horror Mystery
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The Eye 2008