The Expendables 2010

A CIA operative hires a team of mercenaries to eliminate a Latin dictator and a renegade CIA agent.

All Titles
  • AR: Los indestructibles Los indestructibles
  • BR: Os Mercenários Os Mercenários
  • BG: Непобедимите Непобедимите
  • CA: Les sacrifiés Les sacrifiés
  • CL: Los indestructibles Los indestructibles
  • HR: Plaćenici Plaćenici
  • CZ: Postradatelni Postradatelni
  • EE: Palgasõdurid Palgasõdurid
  • FR: Expendables: Unité spéciale Expendables: Unité spéciale
  • GE: Gasaghebulebi Gasaghebulebi
  • DE: The Expendables The Expendables
  • GR: Oi analosimoi Oi analosimoi
  • GR: Οι αναλώσιμοι Οι αναλώσιμοι
  • HU: The Expendables - A feláldozhatók The Expendables - A feláldozhatók
  • IL: Ha'bilti nishkahim Ha'bilti nishkahim
  • IT: I mercenari - The Expendables I mercenari - The Expendables
  • JP: Expendables Expendables
  • LT: Nesunaikinami Nesunaikinami
  • MX: Los indestructibles Los indestructibles
  • PE: Los indestructibles Los indestructibles
  • PL: Niezniszczalni Niezniszczalni
  • PT: Os Mercenários Os Mercenários
  • RO: Eroi de sacrificiu Eroi de sacrificiu
  • RU: Неудержимые Неудержимые
  • RS: Plaćenici Plaćenici
  • SI: Plačanci Plačanci
  • ES: Los mercenarios Los mercenarios
  • TR: Cehennem melekleri Cehennem melekleri
  • UA: Нестримнi Нестримнi
  • UY: Los Indestructibles Los Indestructibles
  • VE: Los Indestructibles Los Indestructibles
  • VN: Linh Danh Thue Linh Danh Thue
Directed by Sylvester Stallone
Artists Dolph Lundgren
as Gunner Jensen
Arnold Schwarzenegger
as Trench
Sylvester Stallone
as Barney Ross
Release date 13 Aug 2010
Genre Action Adventure Thriller
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The Expendables 2010