The Even Stevens Movie 2003

The Stevens think that they've won an all-expenses-paid trip to an island that's halfway around the world. When their house is destroyed, their food stolen, and their bacon eaten, the ...

All Titles
  • The Stevens Get Even
  • BR: Mano a Mana: O Filme Mano a Mana: O Filme
  • FR: Drôles de vacances Drôles de vacances
  • DE: Die Stevens schlagen zurück Die Stevens schlagen zurück
  • HU: A nagy átverés A nagy átverés
  • PL: W ukrytej kamerze W ukrytej kamerze
  • PT: Férias em Directo Férias em Directo
  • RU: Как остаться в живых Как остаться в живых
  • ES: Vacaciones en directo Vacaciones en directo
Directed by Sean McNamara
Artists Josh Keaton
as Mootai / Jason
Tim Meadows
as Miles McDermott
Christy Carlson Romano
as Ren Stevens
Release date 13 Jun 2003
Genre Comedy Family
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