The Equalizer 1989

A retired Intelligence Agent turned private detective helps various threatened clients to equalize the odds.

All Titles
  • Уравнитель
  • Der Equalizer
  • EE: Kutsuge McCall Kutsuge McCall
  • FI: The Equalizer: Mission: McCall The Equalizer: Mission: McCall
  • FI: The Equalizer: Manonin arvoitus The Equalizer: Manonin arvoitus
  • FR: Equalizer Equalizer
  • DE: Der Equalizer Der Equalizer
  • GR: Equalizer Equalizer
  • IT: Un giustiziere a New York Un giustiziere a New York
  • PE: El justiciero El justiciero
  • PL: McCall McCall
  • ES: El ecualizador El ecualizador
  • ES: L'equalitzador L'equalitzador
  • SE: McCall McCall
Artists Robert Mitchum
as 2 episodes, 1987
Christian Slater
as 1 episode, 1986
Kevin Spacey
as 1 episode, 1987
Release date 18 Sep 1985
Genre Action Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
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