The Divorcee 1930

When a woman discovers that her husband has been unfaithful to her, she decides to respond to his infidelities in kind.

All Titles
  • Развод
  • Ex-Wife
  • AR: La divorciada La divorciada
  • AT: Die Frau für alle Die Frau für alle
  • BR: A Divorciada A Divorciada
  • BG: Разведената Разведената
  • DK: Utro Utro
  • FR: La divorcée La divorcée
  • GR: Meta to diazygio Meta to diazygio
  • HU: Ex-feleség Ex-feleség
  • IT: La divorziata La divorziata
  • PL: Rozwódka Rozwódka
  • PT: A Divorciada A Divorciada
  • ES: La divorciada La divorciada
  • SE: Mannens moral - och kvinnans Mannens moral - och kvinnans
  • UY: La divorciada La divorciada
Directed by Robert Z. Leonard
Artists Tyler Brooke
as Hank
Neal Dodd
as Hospital Minister
Mary Doran
as Janice Meredith
Release date 19 Apr 1930
Genre Romance Drama
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