The Division 2001

Five female cops in San Francisco struggle with their personal and professional lives.

All Titles
  • FR: Division d'élite Division d'élite
  • DE: Lady Cops - Knallhart weiblich Lady Cops - Knallhart weiblich
  • GR: Astynomikes istories Astynomikes istories
  • HU: Az ügyosztály Az ügyosztály
  • PL: Babski oddzial Babski oddzial
  • RO: Divizia Divizia
  • : Heart of the City Heart of the City
Artists Nancy Allen
as 1 episode, 2002
Denise Crosby
as 1 episode, 2002
Gates McFadden
as 1 episode, 2001
Release date 07 Jan 2001
Genre Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
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