The Dead Girl 2006

The clues to a young woman's death come together as the lives of seemingly unrelated people begin to intersect.

All Titles
  • AR: Mentes peligrosas Mentes peligrosas
  • BR: A Garota Morta A Garota Morta
  • CZ: Mrtvá dívka Mrtvá dívka
  • FI: The Dead Girl - Viaton uhri The Dead Girl - Viaton uhri
  • FR: The Dead Girl The Dead Girl
  • DE: Dead Girl Dead Girl
  • DE: Das tote Mädchen Das tote Mädchen
  • GR: To nekro koritsi To nekro koritsi
  • HU: A halott lány A halott lány
  • LT: Negyva mergina Negyva mergina
  • NL: Dead Girl Dead Girl
  • PL: Siedem zyc Siedem zyc
  • PT: A Rapariga Morta A Rapariga Morta
  • RU: Мертвая девочка Мертвая девочка
  • RS: Mrtva devojka Mrtva devojka
  • ES: The dead girl The dead girl
  • SE: The Dead Girl The Dead Girl
Directed by Karen Moncrieff
Artists Giovanni Ribisi
as Rudy
Josh Brolin
as Tarlow
Toni Collette
as Arden
Release date 26 Apr 2007
Genre Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
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