The Crusades 1935

King Richard and the Third Crusade (1190-1192) are given the DeMille treatment with more spectacle than history.

All Titles
  • Крестовые походы
  • AR: Las cruzadas Las cruzadas
  • AT: Die Kreuzzüge Die Kreuzzüge
  • BR: As Cruzadas As Cruzadas
  • CZ: Křižáci Křižáci
  • DK: Korsridderne Korsridderne
  • FI: Ristiretket Ristiretket
  • FR: Les croisades Les croisades
  • DE: Kreuzritter Kreuzritter
  • GR: Oi stavroforoi Oi stavroforoi
  • GR: Stavroforiai, Ai Stavroforiai, Ai
  • HU: Keresztes hadjárat Keresztes hadjárat
  • IT: I crociati I crociati
  • PL: Wyprawy krzyzowe Wyprawy krzyzowe
  • PT: As Cruzadas As Cruzadas
  • RS: Krstaški ratovi Krstaški ratovi
  • ES: Las cruzadas Las cruzadas
  • SE: Korsriddarna Korsriddarna
  • TR: Haçli seferleri Haçli seferleri
  • UY: Las cruzadas Las cruzadas
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille
Artists John Carradine
as Leopold - Duke of Austria / A French King / A Wise Man
Alan Hale
as Blondel
Montagu Love
as The Blacksmith
Release date 25 Oct 1935
Genre Adventure Drama History War
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