The Champ 1979

A former boxer discovers that his biggest battle of all is going to be with his ex-wife, Annie, who returns after abandoning their young son seven years prior.

All Titles
  • Чeмпион
  • Der Champ
  • AR: El campeón El campeón
  • AT: Der Champ Der Champ
  • BR: O Campeão O Campeão
  • BG: Шампионът Шампионът
  • CA: Le champion Le champion
  • DK: The Champ The Champ
  • FI: Mestari Mestari
  • FR: Le champion Le champion
  • GR: Τσαμπ Τσαμπ
  • GR: Ο πρωταθλητής Ο πρωταθλητής
  • HU: A bajnok A bajnok
  • IL: Sippuro Shel Alooff Sippuro Shel Alooff
  • IT: Il campione Il campione
  • MX: El campeón El campeón
  • PE: El campeón El campeón
  • PL: Mistrz Mistrz
  • PT: O Campeão O Campeão
  • RS: Šampion Šampion
  • SI: Prvak Prvak
  • ES: Campeón Campeón
  • SE: Utmaningen Utmaningen
  • TR: Sampiyon Sampiyon
Directed by Franco Zeffirelli show all movies of Franco Zeffirelli
Artists Jon Voight
as Billy
Joan Blondell
as Dolly Kenyon
Faye Dunaway
as Annie
Release date 04 Apr 1979
Genre Drama Sport
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