The Cameraman 1928

Hopelessly in love with a woman working at MGM Studios, a clumsy man attempts to become a motion picture cameraman to be close to the object of his desire.

All Titles
  • Кинооператор
  • Der Kameramann
  • AR: El cameraman El cameraman
  • AT: Der Kameramann Der Kameramann
  • BR: O Homem das Novidades O Homem das Novidades
  • BG: Операторът Операторът
  • DK: Kanonfotografen Kanonfotografen
  • FI: Kameramies Kameramies
  • FR: Le cameraman Le cameraman
  • FR: L'opérateur L'opérateur
  • DE: Buster Keaton, der Filmreporter Buster Keaton, der Filmreporter
  • GR: O kinimatografistis O kinimatografistis
  • GR: O cameraman O cameraman
  • HU: A filmoperatőr A filmoperatőr
  • IT: Il cameraman Il cameraman
  • IT: Io... e la scimmia Io... e la scimmia
  • PL: Czlowiek z kamera Czlowiek z kamera
  • PL: Czlowiek, który kreci Czlowiek, który kreci
  • PT: O Homem da Manivela O Homem da Manivela
  • SI: Snemalec Snemalec
  • ES: El fotógrafo El fotógrafo
  • SE: Han som drar veven Han som drar veven
  • SE: Kanonfotografen Kanonfotografen
  • SE: Kameramannen Kameramannen
  • TR: Malek Sinemaci Malek Sinemaci
  • UA: Кiнооператор Кiнооператор
Directed by Edward Sedgwick,Buster Keaton show all movies of Edward Sedgwick,Buster Keaton
Artists Buster Keaton
as Buster Luke Shannon
Richard Alexander
as The Big Sea Lion
Sidney Bracey
as Éditor Edward J. Blake
Release date 22 Sep 1928
Genre Comedy Romance Family Drama
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