The Buccaneer 1958

During the war of 1812, Louisiana buccaneer Jean Lafitte assists the Americans in defending New Orleans against the attacking British war fleet.

All Titles
  • Флибустьер
  • König der Freibeuter
  • AR: El bucanero El bucanero
  • BR: O Corsário sem Pátria O Corsário sem Pátria
  • BR: Corsário sem Pátria Corsário sem Pátria
  • BR: Lafite, o Corsário Lafite, o Corsário
  • CA: The Buccaneer The Buccaneer
  • DK: Piraten Piraten
  • FI: Lafitte, musta merirosvo Lafitte, musta merirosvo
  • FR: Les boucaniers Les boucaniers
  • GR: Lafitte, o peiratis Lafitte, o peiratis
  • HU: A kalóz A kalóz
  • IT: I bucanieri I bucanieri
  • PL: Korsarz Korsarz
  • PT: O Corsário Lafitte O Corsário Lafitte
  • RO: Piratul Piratul
  • RS: Gusar Gusar
  • ES: Los bucaneros Los bucaneros
  • SE: Kaparnas konung Kaparnas konung
Directed by Anthony Quinn
Artists Charlton Heston
as Gen. Andrew Jackson
Majel Barrett
as Townswoman
Charles Boyer
as Dominique You
Release date 01 Dec 1958
Genre Adventure Drama History Romance War
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