The Brave Little Toaster 1987

A group of dated appliances embarks on a journey to the city to find its master after being abandoned in its cabin in the woods.

All Titles
  • Odvázný Malý Toaster
  • Отважный маленький тостер
  • The Brave Little Toaster: A Bedtime Story for Small Appliances
  • The Brave Little Toaster 3D
  • Der tapfere kleine Toaster
  • AR: Las aventuras de Tosti y sus amigos Las aventuras de Tosti y sus amigos
  • BR: A Torradeira Valente A Torradeira Valente
  • BR: A Torradeirinha Valente A Torradeirinha Valente
  • BR: A Pequena Torradeira Valente A Pequena Torradeira Valente
  • BG: Храбрият малък тостер Храбрият малък тостер
  • HR: Hrabri mali toster Hrabri mali toster
  • CZ: Malý Toaster Malý Toaster
  • DK: Den tapre lille brødrister Den tapre lille brødrister
  • FI: Urhea pikku leivänpaahdin Urhea pikku leivänpaahdin
  • FI: Urhea pieni leivänpaahdin Urhea pieni leivänpaahdin
  • FR: Le petit grille-pain courageux Le petit grille-pain courageux
  • GR: I mikri gennaia fryganiera I mikri gennaia fryganiera
  • HU: A bátor kis kenyérpirító A bátor kis kenyérpirító
  • IS: Leitin Mikla Leitin Mikla
  • IT: Le avventure del piccolo tostapane Le avventure del piccolo tostapane
  • KZ: Батыл кiшкентай тостер Батыл кiшкентай тостер
  • MX: El tostadorcito valiente El tostadorcito valiente
  • NL: Het Dappere Broodroostertje Het Dappere Broodroostertje
  • NO: Den modige lille brødristeren Den modige lille brødristeren
  • PL: Dzielny maly toster Dzielny maly toster
  • PT: A Aventura na Cidade da Luz A Aventura na Cidade da Luz
  • RS: Hrabri mali toster Hrabri mali toster
  • SI: Pogumen Mali Toaster Pogumen Mali Toaster
  • ES: La tostadora valiente La tostadora valiente
  • SE: Den Modiga Lilla Brödrosten Den Modiga Lilla Brödrosten
  • UA: Хоробрий маленький тостер Хоробрий маленький тостер
Directed by Jerry Rees show all movies of Jerry Rees
Artists Mel Blanc
as Fan
Jon Lovitz
as Radio
Wayne Allwine
as Forest Creatures
Release date 10 Jul 1987
Genre Animation Adventure Family Fantasy Musical
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