The Big Game 1972

Two soldiers of fortune are hired by an aging scientist to protect him and his invention, a radar-like mind-control device capable of forcing soldiers to fight. A rival organization kidnaps his son to get the machine.

All Titles
  • Todesgrüße von Gamma 03
  • Control Factor
  • DK: SOS - hemmeligt våben jages SOS - hemmeligt våben jages
  • FI: Aseet vastakkain Aseet vastakkain
  • FR: Les espions meurent à l'aube Les espions meurent à l'aube
  • IT: La macchina della violenza La macchina della violenza
  • ES: Rapto en Oriente Rapto en Oriente
  • SE: Låt maskingevären tala Låt maskingevären tala
Directed by Robert Day show all movies of Robert Day
Artists Ray Milland
as Prof. Pete Handley
Release date 30 May 1975
Genre Action Adventure Drama Sci-Fi
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