The Benchwarmers 2006

A trio of guys try and make up for missed opportunities in childhood by forming a three-player baseball team to compete against standard children's Little League squads.

All Titles
  • AR: Los calientabancas Los calientabancas
  • BR: Os Esquenta-Banco Os Esquenta-Banco
  • BG: Резервите Резервите
  • CA: Les benchwarmers ça chauffe sur le banc Les benchwarmers ça chauffe sur le banc
  • EE: Varumehed Varumehed
  • FI: Vaihtopenkin vakkarit Vaihtopenkin vakkarit
  • FR: La revanche des losers La revanche des losers
  • DE: Die Bankdrücker Die Bankdrücker
  • GR: I ekdikisi ton losers I ekdikisi ton losers
  • HU: Lúzer SC Lúzer SC
  • IT: Gli scaldapanchina Gli scaldapanchina
  • PL: Grzanie lawy Grzanie lawy
  • PT: Falhados... Por um Fio Falhados... Por um Fio
  • RU: Скамейка запасных Скамейка запасных
  • ES: Los calientabanquillos Los calientabanquillos
  • UY: Los calienta bancas Los calienta bancas
Directed by Dennis Dugan
Artists James Earl Jones
as Darth Vader (voice)
Jon Lovitz
as Mel
Rob Schneider
as Gus
Release date 07 Apr 2006
Genre Comedy Sport
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